At some point in our lives, we will be impacted by loss, adversities and change; this is inevitable. These challenges leave us vulnerable to internal and external struggles, which can manifest as anxiety, depression, relationship issues and even physical illness. I believe we are all on a journey towards healing, integration and connection, which can be difficult to navigate alone.

Serenity Counselling provides a compassionate, non-judgemental environment to express and understand your emotions, thoughts and behaviours. You are the expert of you, my aim is to help guide you through this journey in a collaborative, client-focused approach. Together we can learn how to confront challenges, move past traumas and develop self-compassion to enhance your life, move toward your goals and develop self confidence. I use elements of a variety of therapeutic approaches, such as narrative, attachment and mindfulness, to help you to understand why you are struggling and techniques to help you heal and move forward.


Samantha Thomas, MA, C.C.C.

I obtained a Bachelors in Psychology from MUN and a Masters in Counselling Psychology from Yorkville University. My interests are in how the body stores and releases trauma, attachment and mindfulness.

I have completed additional training in the area of shame, neurobiology of trauma, and applied behavioural analysis.

I have worked with adults and children in a variety of capacities including counselling, child youth care, developmental skill teaching and applied behavioural analysis.